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Educational Resources

Since we started filming with communities in 2001, digital media has undergone a revolution. Every day we have new devices, apps, platforms and software that makes the creation of media content much more accessible to the general public.


However, there are still many people who are excluded from having their voices heard in this digital revolution. We aim to bring the art of filmmaking and storytelling to communities by providing access to equipment, training and resources in the spaces and places where people live, work and play.


We pride ourselves on working with under-represented groups and individuals to give them a voice through media.


Examples of work include:

We Journey Together

“We Journey Together” – represents the stories of people going through the asylum process in the United Kingdom. This creative short film was co-created with participants who wanted to dispel the misconceptions and show the reality and obstacles faced by those going through the asylum process in the UK. Click here for “We Journey Together” resource pack.


The primary focus of the project was on the asylum system, identifying gaps in provision and ultimately informing improved system design and delivery processes. This film was launched on International Human Rights Day as part of an online Educational Resource with the Govan Community Project and the Glasgow South Health Improvement Team Health & Social Care Partnership.

Don’t HATE Animate

As part of the community Hate Crime Awareness initiative, we teamed up with the Govan Community Project to research, write and produce a short animation which would provide an insight into what hate crime is, who is affected by it, and what you can do if you are (or someone you know is) a victim of hate crime. The engaging short animation was created by the project participants, with the help of the Portal Artist in Residence.

Poverty: Our Hidden Shame?

“Poverty: Our Hidden Shame?” – is a youth-led film exploring the impact of poverty in local communities, developed in partnership with Oxfam Scotland, The GalGael Trust and the NHS which was short-listed at BAFTA for the AHRC Inspiration Award.


The film’s been developed into a training resource and explores issues about the impact of poverty, and how people with lived experience help support learning and how to understand and tackle inequality. Over 350 health workers have used this training resource since its launch. Click here for “Poverty: Our Hidden Shame?” resource pack.