Who We Are - The Portal Arts
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Who We Are

The Portal Arts is an award-winning community arts and media charity based in the Greater Govan area of Glasgow, UK. We deliver creative participation programmes and activity for the advancement of citizenship and community development. We provide a creative recreational facility and resources with the object of improving opportunities for people and families who reside in areas of multiple deprivation, with an aim of promoting equality and diversity throughout our work. Working together with young people, adults and senior citizens, we offer accessible person-led projects that build confidence, connections and self-esteem.

As an embedded organisation our mission is to tackle inequalities, advocating for the power of creative participation for wellbeing. Our people-led services, ensure communities have a voice, influence what happens locally, whilst ensuring representation at a decision making level.

Our Story

In 2001 Plantation Productions was set up by Moya Crowley, our founder and Creative Director, with a £2,000 grant from the Greater Govan Community Forum. Initially based in Kinning Park Complex, (the area known as Plantation hence the name) the ambition was to address the Digital Divide offering local people access to equipment and media training.


Plantation Productions was a core contributor to the local regeneration agenda, bringing the passion that the arts are an effective tool for community engagement, development, and regeneration. In 2003 we initiated “Govan Gathering Light”, a community wide response to the City’s lighting strategy, which went on to win the Dynamic Place Awards and initiated a vibrant community events calendar across the area.


Over the last 21 years, we have worked with thousands of individuals throughout our community, delivering an extensive range of creative programmes, film projects, training and events. In celebration of our 21st year Plantation Productions has rebranded and is now known as The Portal Arts.

The Portal

The Portal was the first community regeneration development in partnership with Govan Housing Association, as part of the Central Govan Action Plan, where a row of shops, which had lain derelict for over 40 years, have been transformed into a vibrant community arts hub in the heart of Govan, providing creative resources and opportunities for local people.


The Portal community space at 978 Govan Road is our head office and the base for our All in Media programme, including work space, edit suites and meeting areas for internal and community events.


Gallery 966 at 966 Govan Road is a group space for workshops and the base for the Creative Steps to Wellbeing Programme.


AIR Space at 974 Govan Road Studio is home to our Artist in Residence with facilities and a ceramics kiln.

The Portal Arts delivers a wide variety of activities with two distinct areas of work:

Creative Steps – Our charitable programme focusing on mental wellbeing, lifelong learning and skills development through creative participation.

All in Media – our media skills and training programme. Coming soon – our social enterprise commissioning site.